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Reading is important. In fact, educational research consistently shows a strong correlation between reading and proficiency and academic success at all levels of education- from elementary school through university. Reading is also beneficial for adults as a committed reader continues to grow brain synapses that naturally disappear as we age。


While the advantages of reading are widely known, many parents struggle with the logistics. Common questions include, “The books that my child can ready by himself are boring!” and “How can I find books that will interest my child?”


In reality, there are two kinds of books. This applies to the vast majority of languages, including Chinese and English. These types fall under two categories: “Books My Child Can Read” and “Books I Can Read to My Child”. Both are equally as important and have many cognitive benefits。


Books My Child Can Read


In English, early readers begin with decodable readers. These books practice important phonics and reading skills. Parents and students alike tend to complain that these books are boring. This is because the content is as limited as the child’s reading skills. This also applies to Chinese, as book’s content is limited to the number of characters a child has learned. While they may not be the most interesting, these books reinforce reading skills and play a huge role in early literacy。


(Decodable Book,即自然拼读书籍着重在帮助孩子学习自然拼读,所以通常会用一系列有着相似发音规律的简单的单词组成故事。有时候,decodable book会利用自然拼读法编造单词)


A good way to encourage your child to read these beginning level books is to set up a reward system. This is how it works- for every book your child reads, they get one step closer to the prize. When they have read the allotted number of books, they get a reward. Make this a family affair by working with your child to choose the number of books they must read and the prize they get at the end. To be sure that your child has actually read and understood each book, have a brief discussion or assign a fun homework task. Some great homework tasks include drawing a picture about the book, retelling the story, or writing an alternate ending。

一个好的方式鼓励孩子阅读这些入门级别的书籍就是为孩子建立激励体系- 孩子每读完一本书,都离奖励更近一步。把激励的过程变成家庭事件,让孩子自己选择必须完成阅读书籍的数量和最后他们可以得到的奖励。为了确保孩子读了并且读懂每一本书,家长可以为孩子设计简短的阅读讨论,或者有趣的读书作业,比如根据书的内容画画,复述故事,或者写出一个不一样的结尾。

Books I Can Read to My Child


In The United States, read aloud is an element present in each school day, with the teacher reading to the students in large or small groups. Read aloud is also an important part of family life, with most American families having a bedtime routine that includes reading a story to their child。


Reading aloud isn’t just for pre-readers. Read aloud is a special time between child and adult that builds memory, vocabulary, motivation, and curiosity. For younger children, adults can choose a picture book that illustrates the meaning of the words they are reading. Elementary school aged children enjoy being read a chapter from a longer book before bed every night. Incorporating reading into a nightly bedtime routine is a perfect way for busy parents and children to spend quality time together。


To make read aloud more interesting,choose a book with multiple characters and act it out like a play! Adding voices and even costumes makes the experience exciting and new. Reader’s theatre activities have the additional advantage of growing imagination, encouraging creativity, and practicing cooperation. Act out/read a story in front of the whole family to practice performance and public speaking skills as well。





The Giving Tree

《爱心树》 关于一个男孩儿、一棵树和爱的故事


Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs




Frog and Toad Are Friends《青蛙和蟾蜍是好朋友》



Where the Wild Things Are《野兽国》



Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day



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